What does it mean when my iOS app says Cleaning...?

What does it mean when my iOS app says Cleaning...?

With its new emphasis on iCloud, Apple is looking to make wireless backups of app data as efficient as possible in iOS 5 and beyond. The operating system will automatically remove temporary files stored in app directories on your device to free up space. Developers must now explicitly specify which important offline files are to remain in an app directory regardless of how much storage space is left on the device.

When an app says it's Cleaning... this means that iOS 5 is deleting unneeded app files stored in the Caches and tmp directories. This helps free up space and reduces the amount of data that will be synced when the app is synced. Although apps can't be used or modified while they are cleaning, the process should only take a few moments. After the app is cleaned the icon will return to normal.


Really? My Instagram is using a whole Gb of memory now! Love to know the cap as I might have to delete the app and reinstall it soon

I'd love to know why it decided to start CLEANING my private photo album app and deleting all of my saved pictures and videos from vacations. How do I get these back??? Anyone know?
Please advise!

There is only 2 ways you haven't lost your photos/videos completely. If you synced your apple device to your computer,then they will be in there. Or if you have photo stream which is all of you camera roll in a different album. But the photo stream will only have photos.

"""p r i v a t e"""

I just deleted a few of my pictures from my photo album because my storage was full an it clicked "delet everywhere" doesn't at include Instagram!! I have a lot of pictures on there that I think jus got deleted!! What do I do!!!!

When it says that it means your Instagram photo album on your phone not your actual Instagram. The pictures will still be on your Instagram unless you delete them off there manually one by one.



Is there anyway to manually get the apps to clean? HELP!!!

Not that I know of. If you want to do what cleaning would do anyway, double tap the home button, then, depending on the version, either slide the app you want to clean upwards, or hold the app you want to clean until a red minus sign appears, then press it. Hope this helps!

Are you telling me that a program is deciding what will be deleted without consulting me? If so, how do I opt out? No one has any right to decide what I might think is worthy of saving or worthy of deleting. Who decided it was appropriate to randomly toss the dice and delete something that might have been precious to me?

You accepted the terms & conditions...

Where exactly is that stated in tos mother fucker

Attention: it doesn't delete your photos, learn to read

I love you...

Look, cleaning deletes cache and other stuff. I think the private photo app stored those photos as something else, and the phone thought that it wasn't a photo and deleted it, not knowing it was information. You have to make backups if they were that important to you.

It deleted all my pending follower requests that i had from instagram :(


I downloaded instagram on my iPad and i accidentaly deleted it. Then i installed it again and it started cleaning. Since then it never stopped cleaninig and i can't use it. I's been a month since it's "cleaning"

Hold down the lock button and the home button together at the same time continue holding them down til you see the apple logo and then let go.. This is a hard reset and should let you delete it.. If that doesn't work you may have to restore your device using a computer and iTunes... Back up your data on the device before restoring the device or you'll most likely lose data

Instagram deleted only HALF of my search history!! Is that even possible?? When it was "cleaning" that happened! Please let me know if it's possible

instagram sucks, i checked instagram need to delete, but can't delete, instagram covering a lot ram of my mob