Minimal Waterproof iPhone Case Protects Without Bulk

Looking to waterproof your iPhone without expensive treatments or bulky cases? For those who don't need to go deeper than 30 feet, it looks like the solution is here. A lightweight, easy to install case has arrived called the Case Marine, which is so thin you can even use it under another case.

Case Marine iPhone waterproof

Some have even referred to the accessory as an iPhone "condom" since it's stretchy and installs so quickly on the device. The front of the Case Marine covering the screen is acrylic, and the rest of the case slips on easily and seals with a JIS rating of IPX8. This just means you don't have to worry about any unwanted fluids leaking inside.

The case is actually 0.25 mm thick, which is equivalent to 0.0098 inches for those keeping track. There are some limitations for those looking to take their iPhones underwater. The Case Marine does not provide any way for headphones to be plugged in without destroying the waterproof properties of the accessory. Also a concern is the fact that the case will provide absolutely no protection from impact. What's great about the thin profile is that a normal iPhone case can be slipped right over the Case Marine and now you have an impact-protected waterproof iPhone!

The Case Marine is only available in Japan at this writing, however pricing is set at around $15 per unit, with a premium model selling for $38. The company is working on an iPad model for $50 that will allow iPad users to take the device underwater as well. We're hoping the Case Marine makes its way to North America, because we're looking forward to taking our iPhones to the beach this summer without having to worry.