T-Mobile Offering Free iPhone Support to Customers

T-Mobile has a strange relationship with Apple. They're the only major U.S. carrier who doesn't officially carry the iPhone, but they're very proud that over one million T-Mobile subscribers are iPhone users. T-Mobile has even went as far as to offer free iPhone micro SIM cards, and are working on building a "iPhone compatible" network. Now they're offering free iPhone support to their subscribers.

Unlocked iPhone

T-Mobile recently launched an iPhone support webpage to teach users how to optimize their iPhones. An iDownloadblog reader received an email announcing the new service:

"FREE T-Mobile Msg: Help speed up your iPhone. Free up memory to keep it running at its best. Learn how: m.t-mobilescoop.com/memory/iphone”

Perhaps T-Mobile is just preparing its customers for the arrival of the next-generation iPhone this fall, or they're just trying to find a way to survive after the failed AT&T merger. Either way, T-Mobile has made it clear that they're ready to support the iPhone, and are working towards bringing 3G and HSPA+ speeds to their customers who prefer to use iDevices.

It will be interesting to see if T-Mobile officially becomes an iPhone carrier this year, or if they will avoid taking a huge gamble on Apple like Sprint did with the iPhone 4S last year.