Apple Officially Announces German iPhone Release on T-Mobile

Though we unofficially reported it way back on July 3rd, today Apple formally announced that the iPhone would be released in Germany with T-Mobile as the official and exclusive carrier. The iPhone is set to go on sale in Germany on November 9th, the same date as the UK release.

t-mobile germany flags flying

Though there were rumors flying around a few weeks ago, thanks to a now known to be fake "leaked" German T-Mobile advertisement, that the iPhone that would be released in Germany would be not only 3G but offer 16GB of storage - this is now

clearly untrue. The German iPhone will be the same as its American and British counterparts, with the exception of the language, of course.

The "leaked" ad also specified November 12th as the German iPhone release date. As mentioned above, this is also untrue, as the iPhone will be released November 9th.

Also in keeping with the US iPhone tradition, activating the iPhone in Germany for use with T-Mobile will require a 2-year commitment. The iPhone will sell in Germany, and presumably later throughout Europe, for a price of €399.