T-Mobile Offering Free iPhone Support to Customers

T-Mobile has a strange relationship with Apple. They're the only major U.S. carrier who doesn't officially carry the iPhone, but they're very proud that over one million T-Mobile subscribers are iPhone users. T-Mobile has even went as far as to offer free iPhone micro SIM cards, and are working on building a "iPhone compatible" network. Now they're offering free iPhone support to their subscribers.

Unlocked iPhone

T-Mobile recently launched an iPhone support webpage to teach users how to optimize their iPhones. An iDownloadblog reader received an email announcing the new service:

"FREE T-Mobile Msg: Help speed up your iPhone. Free up memory to keep it running at its best. Learn how: m.t-mobilescoop.com/memory/iphone”

Gevey Ultra S Unlock is iOS 5.1.1 Compatible

While iOS 5.1.1 may have thrown jailbreakers a curveball, unlockers using the GEVEY Ultra S GSM with their GSM iPhone 4S will be happy to know it's safe to upgrade. According to online retailer ApplenBerry's Twitter feed, the GEVEY Ultra S GSM is compatible with iOS 5.1.1.

iOS 5.1.1

CDMA iPhone 4S or 4 models need to be jailbroken to use the Ultra 5.1 SIM interposer. There is no jailbreak for iOS 5.1.1 currently, but the GEVEY Ultra S does support iOS 4.1 and later (through 5.1). iPhone owners should not update to iOS 5.1.1 if they would like to keep their devices jailbroken.

How to Unlock Your Out of Contract AT&T iPhone

AT&T has started to unlock iPhones for customers who have completed their contract obligations. The process is as simple as contacting AT&T customer support and requesting the unlock on your device. Of course, your account must be in good standing (ie. paid up to date) for AT&T to provide the service.

ATT unlocked iPhone

Once your iPhone is unlocked, you are free to install any replacement micro-SIM card from another compatible GSM carrier. This means you can use your iPhone overseas or with another US carrier such as T-Mobile without resorting to any workarounds or jailbreak unlocking methods.

AT&T Will Unlock Your Off Contract iPhone Starting Sunday

Beginning Sunday, April 8, qualifying customers will be able to request a carrier unlock from AT&T. iPhone users who wish to unlock their iPhones must have their AT&T accounts in order, and not be associated with a current and active term commitment with the carrier.

iPhone Unlocking

Unlocked iPhones allow users to replace AT&T's micro-SIM with other compatible network cards. This is a great option for people who frequently travel, and would like to use international or other local carriers. An AT&T spokeswoman confirmed the news with Engadget. Read on for their official statement.

T-Mobile to be iPhone Compatible by 2013

T-Mobile Chief Technology Officer Neville Ray announced that the carrier will "be compatible with a broader range of devices, including the iPhone" sometime next year. This means T-Mobile iPhone users will finally be able to enjoy 3G HSPA+ speeds once the company deploys its 4G network in 2013. This is very good news for the one million T-Mobile customers who are stuck accessing the carrier's slower EDGE network with unlocked iOS devices.

iPhone Carriers

Chief Executive Officer and President Philipp Humm said he wants T-Mobile to be known for “4G services, 4G devices and a great 4G network," but added that the carrier is not interested in offering the iPhone until the "right terms” come along. U.S. Cellular also turned down the iPhone 4S in 2011 due to "Apple's unacceptable terms of business."


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