Five Great Food and Drink Apps

According to an email sent to iOS developers, Apple is adding a new dedicated "food and drink" section to its App Store. The new category will include “apps that help users cook and bake, mix drinks, manage recipes, find new restaurants and bars, and learn what their friends like to eat and drink”. Food & Drink won’t include diet, grocery shopping, coupon clipping, or food-related game apps”. Most of the food apps, which are normally listed under "Lifestyle" by their developers, will be automatically migrated to the new Food & Drink category starting on July 8th.

Food and Drink Apps

Here's a list of some popular apps that you should be able to find under the new "Food & Drink" section:

Chefs Feed (free for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) - A great app for Foodies or people who are overwhelmed when visiting major cities like San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York. The app features over 100 famous chefs' favorite dishes, places to eat and it allows users to receive up to the minute updates via its live feed.

Lunchbox (free for the iPhone, iPad and iPhone touch) - The perfect app for travelers looking for the best local places to eat and drink. The app is broken down into three categories: Food and Restaurants, Coffee and Tea, and Bars and Nightclubs. Selecting a category will give you a list of businesses based on your GPS location. What makes Lunchbox interesting and helpful are the color photos uploaded by other users. The user submitted photos paint a more realistic image of local venues than the badly written user reviews featured on other food apps. The app also includes menus (when available) and location data like addresses and phone numbers.

foodgawker (free for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) The iOS companion to eliminates the need to drag your laptop to the kitchen, and provides a photo gallery that allows you to easily find new recipes. The app allows you to discover new dishes by using keywords, and share your favorites with friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, Tumblr and more. It is updated with tons of new recipes and tips everyday, and provides recipe reviews and new trends from thousands of food bloggers.

Kitchen Calculator PRO ($3.99 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) - Every cook or baker should have an easy to use kitchen calculator for converting recipe yields and figuring out annoying kitchen math.

Mixologist Drink Recipes ($0.99 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) - This is a great drink recipe and bartending guide, but what makes it special is its drinks search which allows you to find random recipes based on liquor, mixer, and glassware criteria. You can also find nearby liquor stores and bars using its GPS feature.

App to keep your eye on: The new airport food app B4 YOU BOARD allows you to order food and have it delivered to your boarding gate. This could be a great tool for frequent travelers, but it has a few kinks that need to be fixed, and only services JFK International Airport, Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport, and Chicago O'Hare International Airport.


I am a recent iPhoner and I love foodgawker and Chef's Feed. Leloca ( is another awesome app that connects foodies to top NYC restaurants in their immediate location that are offering big discounts. The deals are free and to be used within 45 minutes. Also, there is no hassle of a coupon voucher - just a barcode on your phone to be scanned by the restaurant. So people can get a awesome deal while trying out a new spot in their area, right when they are ready to eat!

Great list of apps Marshall. I would add Bibo to the list. It's a drink rating and sharing app for the iPhone. Bibo uses the GPS coordinates of your iPhone to search for the closest matching beverage of your search and shows you the image and rating of that beverage along with the distance to that location. You can now see the drink and where the drink is located before you even leave the house! Our drink rating is even simpler take a picture of the beverage your rating, confirm your location and name of drink and rate it based on presentation, taste and strength.

We are launching beta in early November 2012 and are currently letting users reserve their usernames. Found out more about Bibo and reserve you username at

Great list but you forgot the best app of them all! Alcoholic drink search and rating. Bibo!!

Check out BUZZtheBar, an awesome drink app that allows you to order and pay for your drinks all from your phone! Let us know if you have any questions! @BUZZtheBar