Apple Planting Secret Messages at Yerba Buena Gardens?

The stage is being set for Apple's big iPhone 5 announcement this Wednesday in San Francisco. Colorful banners are hanging up at Yerba Buena Gardens, and as one reader of MacRumors has pointed out, there may be a secret message hidden in plain sight.

Apple event illusion

Closer inspection of the banners reveals these abstract streaks of color actually look familiar. They are iOS icons stretched out, including Music, GameCenter, iTunes, Stocks and Safari among others. When the photograph above is skewed and compacted, the hidden icons are revealed.

Apple event icons

So what does this mean for Apple fans? Some have speculated that the stretched icon look hints at the stretched iPhone 5 display. Thanks to a flood of leaked parts, it's almost certain that Apple will increase the height of the next iPhone display, making the screen a perfect 16:9 ratio much like HD televisions and current movies.

Others believe the multicolored banners point to a refresh of the iPod line, including new colors on the devices themselves. There are hints that Apple will release several new products this fall, not just the iPhone 5. Be on the lookout for the iPad mini, new iPods and a new line of iMacs in addition to the next generation iPhone on Wednesday.