Does the iPhone 5 support 4G / LTE cellular data?

Does the iPhone 5 support 4G / LTE cellular data?

Yes. Apple has officially jumped on the LTE bandwagon, and their latest smartphone, the iPhone 5 offers full LTE compatibility (at least on US carriers AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint).

Some expected the iPhone 4S to support the LTE standard, however Apple waited almost one year to incorporate the technology. Product designers included a single chip for all of the radio functionality to save space. Despite the fast LTE download speeds, the iPhone 5 suffers no reduction in battery life over the iPhone 4S.

US carriers are quickly building out LTE capabilities on their networks nationwide.


I bought my iphone5 from USA but when I want use in Iran find that LTE not support

Please guide me

I bought my iPhone 5 in USA and it thus not support 4G in Ghana

Confirm whether iPhone 5 supports 4g in India ?

Iphone 5 S only Contacts are frozen, anybody got a solution? Thanks


how do you mean? Try holding the Home button and the Power button simultaneously for around 10 seconds.


I have brought my iphone 5 and insert airtel 4G sim and it is not working..... why?


I am facing same problem though so could you pls assist me how to eesolve. Cheers and thank you



I too have same problem, But now i'm using USA Iphone 5 and yesterday inserted Idea 4G(India),
But it showing "no Service"

Please suggest me to fix this issue.


IAm also facing the same problem , I need the solution,if any one gets it plz inbox me , but still iPhones 5 is supporting JIO 4G