Carrier Update Released for Verizon iPhone 5

Apple has released an iPhone 5 carrier update that will bring Verizon settings from version 13.0 to 13.1. The update comes as reports have surfaced that some iPhone 5 users' cellular data plans were ringing up data usage despite being connected to Wi-Fi.

iphone 5 carrier update Verizon

Installing the carrier update should fix the issue, and Verizon has announced it will not charge for any incorrectly clocked cellular data. Normally connecting to a Wi-Fi network ensures that no cellular network data is used. The update can easily be installed directly on your Verizon iPhone 5.

To install the carrier update:

1. Navigate to Settings -> General -> About
2. An alert will appear that states "Carrier Settings Updated"
3. Touch OK
4. Turn off your iPhone 5 by holding the sleep button, then sliding to power off
5. Press the sleep button to reboot

Once the iPhone 5 turns back on, check to see if the Verizon carrier update was successfully installed. Navigate to Settings -> General -> About. Scroll down to Carrier and make sure this is set to Verizon 13.1. From now on, the iPhone 5 will not register cellular data usage when connected to Wi-Fi.

Some reports have indicated the cellular data usage on Wi-Fi problem is not limited to Verizon, however this is unverified. Stay tuned to see if Apple launches a carrier update for AT&T and Sprint.


I followed instructions exactly. I never got an alert and my carrier still says verizon 13.0. I even clicked on my carrier and get a PRL, click again I get ERI and last I get MSID which is my phone number. An alert does not come up. What do I do now?

Check for updates with iTunes, with your iPhone connected to USB

Don't even bother with the update if you're on Sprint. Ever since I accepted this update on my iPhone 5, iHeartRadio no longer works, Sending texts hang and sometimes take a minute or so to complete sending. 3G speed (I use the word speed VERY loosely) is even worse than it was before. WiFi there are no issues. I understand that Sprint is rolling out the LTE as fast as possible, and I have been VERY VERY patient with the speeds on any phone I've owned thru Sprint. I guess in order to have the cheapest smartphone plans, and unlimited data, and pretty decent customer service, we have to sacrifice something somewhere, it appears that the speed is where we take the hit.
Here's hoping we get something resolved here soon.