Top 5 iPhone Apps for Storms and Hurricanes

The east coast of the US is about to get clobbered by hurricane Sandy. For those iPhone owners who still have power, several apps can track the action and help you prepare to keep your family safe. In fact, these iOS applications can help during any emergency, natural disaster or dangerous weather event.

top 5 hurricane apps

From locating shelters to learning first aid, most of the apps are free. Several have configurable alerts that will keep you informed without even having to open the app. Here's a list of the top 5 iPhone apps for storms and hurricanes. Keep that iOS device battery charged in case the power goes out!

1. Hurricane by American Red Cross (free)

Monitor several locations and receive real-time alerts during storm events. Find open Red Cross shelters and even teach yourself first aid with a built-in tutorial and quiz. A comprehensive guide explains what to do before, during and after the hurricane to stay safe. Storm tracking and weather warnings are included.

2. FEMA (free)

Provides access to the Federal Emergency Management Agency blog, preparedness information and shelter locations in the event of an emergency. Contact information is provided for disaster survivors and citizens can receive guidance on how to help others in their community. Maps with driving directions are included to locate emergency shelters in your area.

3. iMap Weather Radio ($9.99)

Don't have a NOAA weather radio? This app will give you a mobile version, that tracks your location and any weather alerts in your area in real time. You can also select fixed locations to monitor, and the app will alert you to life-threatening weather events with push notifications and voice alerts. Just like a weather radio, audible tones make sure you know that a tornado or other threat is heading your way.

4. The Weather Channel (free)

Severe weather push alerts and current conditions for saved locations is just the beginning. Track storms, view radar and satellite imagery in your area, and watch video of reporters in the hurricane getting pummeled with wind and rain. Temperature maps and forecasts are provided along with video clips from the network's team of meteorologists.

5. Emergency Radio ($0.99)

Looking for information as it happens, but don't have a police scanner? You can pick up all of your local emergency management crews and more with this app. Save your favorites and look up nearby stations automatically with GPS. Police, fire, EMS, NOAA weather radio and more are included on a list of thousands of radio frequencies. The list will indicate whether or not a station is currently broadcasting over the Internet, and show station locations on a map.