How to Check Your iPhone Unlock Status

Need to find out if an iPhone is officially unlocked for use on multiple cellular carriers? Now you can find the answer to this question and more using a simple website. All you need is the unique IMEI number assigned to your device.

iPhone unlock

To get your IMEI number navigate to Settings -> General -> About and scroll down to IMEI. The IMEI is a unique 15-digit number. Now go to the website, enter this number and click the CHECK button.

You will be presented with a long list of information about your iPhone, including the model, release date, hardware information and operating frequencies. Now you can scroll down to the "Free simlock status check" button. Click this button to compare your iPhone to a list of factory unlocked iPhones in the database. You will also be presented with current warranty information for your device.

The website is useful to quickly get a variety of information about your iPhone or a device you're looking to buy. Getting the IMEI of a device you are interested in will verify the information presented by the seller, and let you know if the iPhone can be used on multiple carriers.


The website they refer you to will not provide you with information about your phone being locked or unlocked. It will just give you an error message. All they want is for you to sign up and get your email address. FRAUD!!!

Yep, they got my Email and my Facebook. I clicked the check simlock and warrenty button. I did it twice and got this resault back. "Error: Unexpected error, please try again later". they only allow for one check per day so later would be the next day. SCAM!

Actually, I got that message on 2 phones that I've been using with Straight Talk, and that had been "unlocked" using an eBay unlocker... When I put in my Factory Unlocked AT&T phone IMEI, it actually gave me real info on the phone...

Yeah, fuck you --you probably build the site

After u signed in u can see your iphone status, it cost u an email address!!!

all i get is error messages. FAKE

FRAUD!!! don't pay

I'm having the same situation. I registered my email address, but when I check for unlock status, I always get "Unexpected error, please try again later." Seems scammy.