Change iPhone Banner Colors With FlagPaint

Notification banners on the iPhone are pretty useful. Wouldn't it be great if you could make them even better? Now thanks to a jailbreak tweak called FlagPaint, there are additional options that can be configured for notification center banners. Just like the name, the main feature of this tweak is the ability to change the color of banners to match the app icon.

Cydia tweak FlagPaint

For example, if an app with a red icon such as iMap Weather Radio displays a banner alert, it will be tinted red if FlagPaint is enabled. There are several configurations under Settings -> FlagPaint once the tweak is installed from Cydia. The top setting is Tint Background, which automatically changes the color of incoming banner alerts depending on which app is sending the message.

Notification banners can also be made semi-transparent, and the app icon can be removed entirely from the banner if desired. You also have the option to center the banner text and have the banner fade in instead of the default animation. Besides all of these great modifications to the stock, grey banners, once you have configured FlagPaint there's a convenient test button.

Just tap Show Test Banner and FlagPaint will show you what the options you have set will look like every time you receive an alert. FlagPaint is an interesting addition to the long list of jailbreak tweaks on the iPhone. You can grab FlagPaint from the BigBoss repo on Cydia for $0.99.