iPhone 5 Goes Translucent With Body Mod Kit

iPhone5mod has come up with the perfect product for those who enjoy disassembling small consumer electronic devices and violating manufacturers' warranties. Another body mod kit, this time to make the iPhone 5 translucent. The site claims their replacement parts are even lighter than the originals.

iPhone 5 translucent clear housing

Not only this, but the translucent plastic parts are scratch-proof, fingerprint resistant and highly durable. The new iPhone 5 body parts will replace just about everything on the exterior of the device, and provide protection from damage due to bending or collision. Why hide the insides of the iPhone 5? This is a sure conversation starter, that is if you can get your device reassembled properly.

iPhone5mod claims the parts are made to fit precisely and that the plastic used has a slight elasticity to provide extra durability, especially during installation. There are also 7 different colors available for the top and bottom slats that attach to the translucent back panel. These parts are glass on an unmodified iPhone 5, found above and below the aluminum back panel. Colors available include black, blue, green, pink, red, white and yellow for extra flair.

The translucent kit is available directly from iPhone5mod for $40.

A complete list of parts included in each kit is as follows:

Translucent Back Body Panel
Transparent Sim Card Slot (same color as body panel)
Transparent Mute switch button (same color as body panel)
Transparent Power button (same color as body panel)
Transparent Lightning port slot (same color as body panel)
Camera Lens Cover
Flash Glass Cover
Flash Metal Cover
Transparent Top/Bottom Slats of different colors [this refers to the two pieces of translucent slats that attach to the Back Body Panel]

iPhone5mod is also running a temporary sale, offering kits with all 7 colors for $169 (saving $110 off the normal price for 7 kits).


I finally received my translucent mod kit today. I thought this would be a cool mod and had a few hours to sit down and begin the process of modifying my phone. I want to begin by saying I am fairly experienced working on iPhones. I must go on to say though that this mod is not for the faint of heart. It is a daunting task to say the least. First of all, there are no directions and all the pieces are not included and not all of the threading are correctly sized to receive the stock screws. I had a number of screws thee did not fit where they were supposed to go when reassembling the device. Also, there is a metal bar that is used as a hinge that seats the power switch that is missing and impossible to transfer from the original device. I had to cut a needle the correct size to replicate the missing part. After 2 hours of work I was successful with the mod and I am writing this post on the finished product. If you have any questions about this mod feel free to contact me and I can tell you all about it. My impression of this mod is generally positive although I have mixed feelings about the quality of construction. I also have a new appreciation for the men and women that put these devices together. Eltoro1975icloud@gmail.com


What about front! Don't seem to be able to find a front image of this thing!!