Remote Control the iSpy Tank with Your iOS Device

There are plenty of toys on the market that use the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch as a remote control. How many of these send a live feed of their surroundings directly to your device? Now with the iSpy Tank you can turn your iOS device into the nerve center of your top secret espionage operation.

iSpy Tank iOS

The free i-spy toys app provides complete control of the tank, along with up/down and zoom controls for the camera turret. Of course, you can shoot still photos of your target and record video directly to your iPhone. The iSpy Tank boasts a control range of up to 90 feet with its own built-in Wi-Fi network.

Connecting to the iSpy Tank with an iOS device is as simple as connecting to the tank's Wi-Fi under Settings -> Wi-Fi. The tank itself requires six AA batteries to operate. Happy Cow claims the iSpy Tank "offers top notch gaming experience and adds a whole new level of functionality for those who want to get the most out of their iDevice."

Thanks to it's two independent tank treads, the iSpy Tank can handle obstacles and can rotate in a complete circle in a fixed location. You can even tilt your iPhone or iPad to control the tank, instead of using on-screen buttons. The tank looks slick and features LED lights. The future is now, and you can purchase the iSpy Tank from for $99.


Is this iSpy RC Tank controller app supported by all iOS device?

A very nice model I really like it.This Rc Tank is a nicely designed and would seem a better fit. I must say that this is one of the best models that I have seen in a long time.A very good work done. Thanks for sharing.

Just bought Happy Cow i-Spy Tank for USD 69.90 plus shipping USD 26.03 and delivered within 6 calendar days. Installed 6 x AA new batteries.

I used iphone and android "i-sky toys" apps on those devices.

It will lit up the left side of the LED (near cam) and right side blinks then permanently lit up when you connect to the SSID (labelled at the bottom of the i-Spy Tank).

It works good for a while on both devices but later on, the SSID disconnects and you need to power reset the i-Spy Tank in order to reconnect to the SSID or else it wont connect, even if you disconnect the wifi via your iphone or android device.

Suspect the 6 x AA batteries power are easily drained, perhaps connecting 2 x 9V batteries in parallel or a 9v Lithium Ion rechargeable battery will be better.

I have a problem. After a while of playing, I reconnect my wifi and when I tried to move it the Wifi turned off and it happens every time any help!!!!

I just bought the I spy tank for my son ( his bday today) after opening item and installing batteries turned WI FI on the SSID: never appear and was not able to connect it. I thought it was my internet connection used my neighbors and still nothing . My son has wanted this gadget and it breaks my heart that he couldn't use it

This tank does not work and I cant reach to anyone for help neither on the website or from the catalogue.
I cannot find the wifi connection for the tank and its not worth the money.