More iPhone Tweaks: AirplaneScheduler

Airplane Mode on the iPhone can be useful for situations besides just flying. Many people use Airplane Mode to shut off the radio signals broadcasting from their iOS devices while sleeping or when they don't want to be disturbed. Not only this, but Airplane Mode improves battery life.

AirplaneScheduler tweak iOS

The best part about Airplane Mode is you can still enable lower-power communication from your device such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, while ensuring that cellular radiation isn't being emitted. So where does the tweak AirplaneScheduler come into play? Quite simply, this tweak makes it possible to schedule the times during which your iPhone enters Airplane Mode automatically.

If you're not using your iPhone anyway, why not schedule iOS to enter Airplane Mode at specified times when you're sleeping? Some people prefer Do Not Disturb mode, as it will still keep your phone available to receive emergency calls from favorites or people who call multiple times in succession. Others charge the iPhone at night, making the battery issue irrelevant. But these two options still keep the radios on, depleting battery life and emitting radiation from your iPhone.

For those who prefer Airplane Mode, AirplaneScheduler is available from Cydia on the ModMyi repo for $1.49. The tweak works on any jailbroken device running iOS 6.x. Scheduling is flexible and once set, your iPhone will enter Airplane Mode automatically at the specified times.