New Horror Movie Encourages Cell Phone Usage in Theaters

A new Dutch horror film called App aims to make cell phone usage in theaters socially acceptable by allowing users to interact with the movie via their smartphones. Moviegoers are encouraged to download a free app from the App Store which uses special technology to send messages and images to the audience in real time.

Siri Horror Movie

2CFilm, who produced the movie, is touting App as the first movie with a "second screen", and promises the film will stand alone for those who prefer to keep their cell phones turned off. However, the producers didn't explain what happens when people using the app start to receive outside calls or texts during the movie.

App follows a young psychology student named Anna, who is harassed by her smartphone's digital assistant IRIS (or Siri spelled backwards). Judging from both the IMDB description and trailer (see below), IRIS terrorizes Anna by sending her friends and family (and probably the audience) compromising photographs, videos and text messages about her.

App will be released in the Netherlands on April 4th. It is directed by Bobby Boermans and stars Hannah Hoekstra as Anna.


Bad enough we have to put up with the loud mouths in the theater, now we will have to put up with their phone use too? We will just stop going and wait till it comes out in Blu Ray. Hit the theaters in the wallet and they will put a stop to these idiots.

I agree with anonymous above. When I go to the cinema, I want to see one screen only. That's why I rarely go.