AT&T Launches Aio Pre-Paid Wireless Options

Now iPhone fans looking for no-contract wireless service on the AT&T network can turn to Aio Wireless. The new company will offer different tiers based on individual markets, with unlimited text messages, voice and data. Data plans will include a specific amount of high-speed (4G HSPA+ where available) data with additional usage over the limit being throttled.

Aio Wireless pre-paid

Currently the service is available in Houston, Orlando and Tampa, with other US cities coming soon. Three data tiers will be offered in each market, with pricing ranging from $35 for 100 MB of high-speed data to 7 GB for $70. Right now Aio offers customers in Houston a 100 MB plan for $35, while Orlando and Tampa customers can spend as little as $40 for a 250 MB plan. Unfortunately for iPhone owners, the lowest-priced tiers are not available with smartphones.

Although it might be advantageous to not be locked into a two-year commitment, besides reserving the least expensive plans for non-smartphones, Aio Wireless also does not offer LTE speeds to iPhone 5 owners. For this service, one must have a full-blown AT&T Mobility contract or find another carrier altogether.

Besides making it possible to pay in advance for one of three simple service plans, the company promises to bring easy activation to compatible devices and provide enthusiastic service and support. Aio is competing with other pre-paid service plans such as Virgin Mobile and Cricket Wireless, and will also offer phones and tablets for sale without a contract. Unlocked devices can be used with Aio after purchasing a compatible SIM card for $9.99.

More details about Aio and its services can be found on the Aio Wireless FAQ.


Aio wireless, will not send your start up kit to you unless the following are true, the address match the same on your Credit Card, it will be rejected and they won't tell you this. Also of you don't have a Credit Card they will not allow you to achive service, they don't tell you this upfront. Also name on credit card must match name on the account that your applying for:/. It's all kinds of fun!