Report: iPhone 5s Sales Beating iPhone 5c Two to One

A bit of advice for anyone who was worried about the less-expensive iPhone 5c cannibalizing Apple's flagship smartphone sales: relax. Consumer Intelligence Research Partners surveyed consumers to find out which iPhones were purchased in September. As AllThingsD reports, the iPhone 5s is the overwhelming favorite.

iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s sales

Breaking down the results of the analysis, the iPhone 5s accounts for 64 percent of all new iPhone sales during the survey period. This is compared to 27 percent for the iPhone 5c and just nine percent for the iPhone 4s. Not only are these strong numbers for the top billed iPhone 5s, the ratio is mostly holding steady when compared to last year's iPhone 5 launch.

In October 2012, the iPhone 5 grabbed 68 percent of sales with the iPhone 4S keeping 23 percent and the iPhone 4 coming in at nine. This means that despite the bright colors and intense marketing surrounding the iPhone 5c, most Apple customers are still going for the device with the newest technology and most features.

iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s sales2

Of course, early adopters are keen to get the latest and greatest when they purchase a smartphone. The survey results are not wholly unexpected considering the time frame being so close to Apple's product launch. iPhone 5c and iPhone 4s sales are likely to increase after early interest in the iPhone 5s wanes.

Apple revealed that a record nine million copies of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c were sold over the opening weekend. In contrast to the hard-to-get iPhone 5s, the plastic iPhone 5c is widely available and many retailers are reducing prices. For whatever reason, reports have indicated Apple is slowing production of the iPhone 5c. More information may be known when Apple releases its earnings report on October 28.