iPhone X availability now widespread

iPhone X

Anyone looking to purchase an iPhone X shortly after the holidays is in luck. Currently, the device is widely available in Apple retail stores across the United States. iPhone X delivery times on the Apple website have decreased to next day or two-day shipping in most areas. As some analysts have noted, the simple reason is that supply has caught up with demand.

In fact, Loup Ventures analyst Gene Munster predicts Apple's flagship smartphone will achieve "global supply demand equilibrium" by the middle of next month. Apple is also said to be reducing its post-holiday production schedule, which typically happens this time of year.

Shares in companies that supply components for Apple's iPhone X have decreased on reports the company reduced upcoming orders by 40 percent, down to 30 million units. Unlike the iPhone X, the wireless headphones known as AirPods are still in limited supply. Those looking for AirPods can expect current delivery times to come in at two weeks or longer, with many third-party suppliers out of stock.

In any case, Strategy Analytics reports that customer satisfaction with Face ID on the iPhone X is extremely positive. The front-facing TrueDepth camera takes the lead as the main reason why consumers are interested in the iPhone X.

Not far behind are two other features of the iPhone X, the Super Retina HD display and improved battery life. Both of these are cited positively by 80 percent of early adopters in the report. For his part, Munster says the iPhone X will give a nice bump to Apple's average sales price during the 2018 fiscal year.