iFuntastic 4.6.1 Released, Works with iPhone Firmware 1.1.1

The long awaited update to the popular iPhone jailbreaking, application installation, and iPhone customization software, iFuntastic, is now available. This latest version, 4.6.1, offers the most automated jailbreaks (which iFuntastic likes to call "unshackling") for 1.0.2 and 1.1.1 iPhones that we've seen thus far. Still required are plenty of restarts and switching back and forth with iTunes, but the instructions jailbreak process through iFuntastic seems to be the easiest to follow.

This latest version of iFuntastic also offers ringtone customization under 1.1.1 withoutjailbreaking, which will appeal to many users who are nervous about jailbreaking their iPhones. iFuntastic even offers an audio cropper utility to shorten/edit your MP3s into ringtones before sending them to your iPhone.

The only bad news in this latest iFuntastic release is that it is no longer free. iFuntastic is now under a shareware license. You may use the program five times before registering for a $5 fee. Considering the functionality that iFuntastic provides, $5 isn't much. Either way, you can use iFuntastic to jailbreak your phone and install AppTapp and then decide whether you want to cough up the five bux.

You can download the latest version of iFuntastic via the link at the bottom of this article on iPhoneAlley.