Gold iPhone 5s Not the Most Popular Color

Despite all the rage surrounding the Gold iPhone 5s, consumers in the US have been more interested in space gray. This is according to research from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), in a report detailed by MacRumors. While the data shows the gold model trailing in last place, limited availability could be affecting the numbers.

iPhone 5s gold corner

At the same time, black iPhone models have historically been more popular. In any event, the data reflects that 43 percent of iPhone 5s units sold in the US were space gray. Silver came in second place with 30 percent of sales, and the coveted gold iPhone 5s clocked 27 percent. 400 consumers were surveyed for the study by CIRP during the month after iPhone 5s and 5c launch.

Speaking of the iPhone 5c, there are five colors available with one leading the pack. Blue took 27 percent of sales, with white a close second at 25 percent. Green and pink were almost tied at 21 percent and 20 percent respectively, with yellow taking up the rear at only 7 percent. Interestingly, when broken down by gender the pink iPhone 5c is most popular with women, while men prefer the white version.

Similarly, it was males who went for space grey while females tended to prefer the silver iPhone 5s. Future surveys will paint a clearer picture of color preferences, especially after the iPhone 5s becomes readily available in all markets.

Currently the iPhone 5c ships within 24 hours from the Apple Store online, while the iPhone 5s lists a 2-3 week wait time.