Beats Music Stops Accepting New Subscribers

It looks like the launch of Beats Music was a success. The company announced on its blog yesterday that is has stopped accepting any new subscribers due to some users "experiencing issues." New users who download the free app and reserve a user name this week will be contacted by Beats when registration is reopened. You will also receive 7 additional days on your trial for the inconvenience.

Beats Music iOS

Beats Music was released to the Apple App Store earlier this week. It is a subscription-based music streaming service that offers a library of around 20 million songs curated by "music experts".

Beats Music CEO Ian C. Rogers defended the company's choice of not offering a free, ad-supported version of the service on a blog post written on Monday:

" If you’re the kind of person who pays ~$1,000/year for cable and refuse to spend ~$100/year on a great music service, you and I look at the world very differently from one another."

It is still unknown if Beats Music has really revolutionized music streaming on mobile devices, or if is just another recognizable brand name. It is also unknown how many people have joined the service, and how many will stick around after their 7 day free trial expires.