How to Restore Cydia Purchased Packages

Jailbreaking a new iOS device, or restoring an existing one means that Cydia packages must be reinstalled. This includes any apps, tweaks, themes or other content that was previously purchased by the user. In many cases, developers will offer a free upgrade for new versions of Cydia packages running on an updated version of iOS.

restore Cydia purchases1

Restoring purchased packages or installing a package upgrade that was previously purchased requires logging into the Cydia account associated with the user. To restore packages already purchased, first open Cydia and navigate to Manage Account on the intro page.

Cydia will look for authentication. Use the same login method to manage your Cydia account that was previously used to buy jailbreak content. Options include Facebook and Google. Tap the correct option, then enter account information to let Cydia know who you are.

restore Cydia purchases2

Once logged into your Cydia account, tap the Installable Purchases button to see a list of the packages that were previously purchased on that account. Selecting an item will provide details on the package, including whether or not the software is compatible with your current version of iOS. Install or modify the package directly from this screen.

Details for packages listed under Installable Purchases will include a green box labeled "Package Officially Purchased" to indicate that the developer was previously paid for the software. The Cydia Manage Account feature provides a central location to list and restore any jailbreak software that has already been purchased by the individual user.