iOS 8 Home Screen Leaks: TextEdit, Watch Utility and More

Already in testing, iOS 8 has been spotted again, this time installed on an iPhone 5s. Home screen icons have not been significantly redesigned, however several new apps have been added by Apple. Healthbook, TextEdit, and Preview apps were previously leaked on a Chinese forum and confirmed as authentic by 9to5Mac sources. However, the icons for these apps were from OS X and had not yet been redesigned for iOS.

iOS 8 home screen

The latest leaks have been compiled by PhoneArena, showing what appears to be a more refined version. Not only this, but a stand-alone iTunes Radio app already rumored to be in development can be seen on the screenshot below. While these icons on the iOS 8 home screen don't come as a major surprise, a so-called Watch Utility app has appeared for the first time.

iOS 8 leaked

Rumors of an iWatch or flexible wearable device from Apple have been circulating for years. HealthBook certainly points to some kind of wearable health monitor which many analysts suspect will launch alongside the iPhone 6. Could it be that the Watch Utility is an independent app to remotely control the appearance and function of this wearable device? Only Apple knows.

Assuming these iOS 8 leaks are authentic, the iPhone home screen is filling up with stock apps. A previously leaked Tips app looks to be confirmed, which likely provides on-device support and instructions for new users. The screenshots and photos show iOS 8 sports a purple, static wallpaper with stars that is reminiscent of a cosmic OS X background.
iOS 8 share sheet

Even the share sheet shows new buttons, including Tips and Edit in TextEdit. The editing function would give iPhone users more control, moving iOS just slightly closer to OS X. Look for major announcements from Apple regarding iOS 8 at this year's WWDC in June. Check back for updates on the iPhone 6 and iOS 8 as they become available.