How can I disable Safari swipe gestures in iOS 7?

How can I disable Safari swipe gestures in iOS 7?

iOS 7 brings several new features to Mobile Safari. One of the interface changes makes it possible to move forward or back through the history using gestures. A left or right swipe will navigate in this way when browsing web pages in Safari.

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Some iOS 7 users would prefer to turn off the back swipe in Safari. Currently, there are no Settings options to disable the feature.

For now, Safari users will have to be aware of the gesture and only swipe left or right when intended. A swipe from left to right is the same as using the using the back button, while a swipe from right to left moves forward through the history.


Dumbest most annoying feature ever

Whoever developed this feature should have his/their testicles cut off.

1 page apps with swipe is now useless

I agree off with their testicles. Totally redundant feature. We already have the arrows in the bottom, and it's to easy to often accidentally swipe-browse. When that happens you'll lose what you were typing on the first page.

Oh my god right!! That is the stupidest feature im ready to go back to android just because of that shit!

Tim Cook obviously uses Android, otherwise this would have annoyed the shit out of him...

Yes this feature is is insane. I have lost many an email in webmail & on this latest loss I needed to vent! Typical Apple nonsense.

How they hell do you come this far in technology and pretty much the number one phone company in sales but yet have such a fucking stupid feature added to a TOUCH phone that can't be disabled! I can't tell you how many times I've lost all my info because one slight tap on the screen you're back 5 pages ! Way To go to fuck that one up Apple.

I am furious by this stupid feature. I was googling to see how to turn it off, and stumbled across this forum. The amount of times I have accidentally lost all of the stuff I have spent ages typing, or dictating, I cannot tell you.
Stupid stupid stupid feature. Please, get rid of it, and we will use the arrows at the bottom of the page if we want to quickly swap between a couple of webpages. Pointless.

“Safari users will have to be aware of the gesture and only swipe left or right when intended.”

That’s the whole thing. I am aware of this dumb “feature” and 100% of my swipe backs have been unintentional.

Yep. 2018, still dumbest “feature” ever.
Worse then metro, worse than windows phone, worse than Debian on a phone. Worse than misformated tracks on discs for protection. Worst ever!
A agree with snip snip too; please don’t let these fools reproduce!

FTS - shocking feature.
I have downloaded a virtual guitar to muck about on and every time I strum it brings up the notices page and kills the app.
Can’t turn it off. Makes the app useless.