Cell Phone Use Linked to Cancer

Since mobile phone usage became widespread, there has been an ongoing debate - albeit more prominent at times than others - about the likelihood of cancer and other negative health effects being caused by the use of cellular telephones. According to a new study out of Israel, conclusive links have been established between heavy users of cell phones and the incidence of cancer.

The study evaluated the mobile phone usage patterns 500 individuals in the Israeli population that were diagnosed with cancer of the salivary gland by comparing it to the usage patterns of 1300 healthy individuals. According to their conclusions, those with heavy cell phone usage patterns were 50% more likely to develop cancer of the salivary gland.

The study also found that the effects were worsened in rural areas where cell phone release more radiation due to fewer antennas, and that children may also be more adversely affected.

According to the study's director, Dr. Sadetzki, a physician, epidemiologist and lecturer at Tel Aviv University, the fact that the study was performed using the Israeli population is significant because Israelis quickly adopted mobile phone technology and have heavy usage patterns as compared to most other populations. This gave the study the opportunity to study the impact of usage that might take longer to develop in other populations.

[via Science Times]