Google and Alienware Planning Ugliest Smartphone Ever?

Long ago, we stopped reporting on every new 'iPhone Killer' rumor that came down the pike. That said, we still enjoy passing on the more interesting of these rumors to you when something worthwhile comes along. The latest of these rumors involves Alienware, recently aquired by Dell, and Google's new Android platform.

alienware google android phone

According to UK mobile phone blog dial-a-phone, Android and Google are planning to announce a new smartphone, based on Android, at this years 3GSM conference in Barcelona, Spain (currently underway). There's no telling

where these rumors came from, as dial-a-phone makes no mention of its source or even whether it has one. Instead, it offers up a few artist mockups (seen above) which they created.

So why is a poorly sourced rumor about yet another Android based phone noteworthy? Well, maybe it isn't. But after seeing that mockup, we couldn't help but wonder -- provided there was any truth to the rumor and that the mockup was based on any resemblance to the real thing -- if Google and Alienware might not be on the cusp of announcing the ugliest smartphone, perhaps ugliest mobile phone, ever created.

We're crossing our fingers that this one is true. A design so tacky and so flawed and just downright hideous actually making it to market would be wonderful. Imagine all the finger pointing we'll all be able to do at the suckers who actually buy it.


Hold your horses i-Unit, that mock up is a horrible Photoshop job...which was intended to be a joke...that doesn't mean the rumor itself will be a joke. Alienware's mp3 players were pretty ugly...but I can't imagine Dell infusing a horrible design if they planned on penetrating the market.

It's ugly as hell... But I like it in some very weird way... I'd never buy one though.

i used to work for Helio 2 years ago when at the time Helio was going to be the next best thing but right before i quit they said that Helio was going to team up with alien ware i saw the exact same photo then and i haven't seen it cents until today so if u don't believe me do research and you will you later