My iPhone sometimes stops outputting sound after I remove my earbuds/headphones? How can I fix this?

My iPhone sometimes stops outputting sound after I remove my earbuds/headphones? How can I fix this?

Though the fix for this particular issue has remained unchanged for some time now - which can be surprising because it is so un-elegant - this issue continues to come to us from iPhoneFAQ readers. It also continues to pop up on Apple's iPhone discussion forums and on other iPhone related websites. So, we figured we'd publish the all-too-uninteresting solution.

For those unfamiliar with the issue, on occasion, the iPhone will stop outputting sound out of its external speaker after headphones are removed from the headphone jack . Essentially, the iPhone thinks the headphones are still connected and will continue to ouput sound only through the headphone port until you're able to "convince" it that the nothing is plugged in. Often, even powering down and back up one's iPhone won't solve the problem.

Why? Because that attempted solution is just too fancy. Believe it or not, the only known fix to this issue is to repeatedly insert and remove a device from the headphone jack. Remember to play a song or otherwise output sound when plugging and unplugging your earbuds, headphones, etc.

We've forwarded this solution to everyone who has written in with this same issue, and we've yet to hear back from anyone reporting that it did not solve the problem.



I have the sound problem but only wih vine... Twitter and music works and I've tried all the solutions what do I do?

omg thank you so much all I had to do is keep plugging and unplugging a couple hundred time then it finally worked hooray!!

this totally worked! Thanks so much.

I will do as your intruction.
Hope your sharing help me to keep the music continuously.
Thank you!

I tried inserting and removing my headphones for over 15 min and it still didn't fix the problem.

Great...Its working, i was facing this problem from long time...Thanks for the useful information.

I had the same problem with the galaxy s6 and i had to suck instead of blowing because the problem was being caused by water inside the headphone jack.

tip:If your phone isnt waterproof dont use it while taking a shower...unless you have a waterproof case.