Lead Animals to Their Slaughter in the Reverse Tower Defense Title, Fat Chicken

At first glance Relevant Games' new "reverse" tower defense title looks like something that would offend PETA and animal lovers around the world, but upon closer inspection it seems like the game is against factory farms and the poor treatment of animals. In Fat Chicken, players must guide various animals to the slaughterhouse while trying to keep "as much marketable meat on their bones as possible". The game features a variety of tasteless towers and upgrades that aid players in fending off obstacles like hunger, dehydration and alien invasions.

If you visit the official Relevant Games blog you will notice posts about the various towers featured in the game. Each post explains how the individual tower is used , gives tips about the tower and offers a tidbit on what happens "on actual factory farms". For example, Security Guards are described as people who "run off animal rights activists, threaten physical violence, monitor movement of inspectors, and have even been caught participating in animal abuse." Other towers in the game include the Growth Hormone Tower and Meatlet Cleanup Crew, who cleanup "meatsplosions" if you get too hormone happy.

Fat Chicken has been Greenlit for release on Steam and has been given positive reviews by Gizorama and a few other video game websites. This offers some hope that the game is actually fun and not just some kind of political statement.

Fat Chicken will be available on iOS, PC, Mac and Linux on December 4, 2014. You can learn more about the game and Relevant Games by visiting them on Facebook and Twitter.