It's Almost Here! Official Kingdom Rush Frontiers Trailer Released

Ironhide Game Studios has released the official Kingdom Rush Frontiers trailer. Frontiers is the sequel to the highly popular tower defense game Kingdom Rush. The gameplay for Frontiers looks unchanged, but the trailer reveals all new terrains, towers and enemies like giant scorpions and evil genies. The game also features three new heroes that were previously showcased in their own individual videos.

Kingdom Rush and Kingdom Rush Frontiers are tower defense games set in the Medieval times. In the original game, players must use a combination of towers, and magic spells to defeat armies of goblins, trolls and other mythical creatures. Kingdom Rush is considered one of the best tower defense games ever released. The original is available for the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad for $0.99. There is also an HD version available for the iPad.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers will be available for iOS devices on June 6th. It is unknown when the game will land in the Google Play store for Android devices. You can follow Ironhide on Facebook for future updates.