Kingdom Rush: Frontiers

New Endless Challenge Coming to Kingdom Rush Frontiers in March

Kingdom Rush Frontiers is getting a new endless challenge mode three weeks after Hulking Rage was released for Origins. Ironhide Game Studio made the announcement via Facebook on Thursday. The new campaign titled "Temple of Ethereal Evil" will feature "endless alien spawns and their brainwashed tribal allies." The update will also include a new hero for players to use. It is unknown if the hero will be free or available as in-app purchase.

Temple of Ethereal Evil

This is the second endless challenge Ironhide has released for Frontiers and its first update of 2015. Both Kingdom Rush and Origins were updated with new levels and heroes in February.

What's the highest score you can achieve on Kingdom Rush Frontiers: Ruins of Nas'de?

UPDATE 2: Help us uncover all the achievements and Easter Eggs in Kingdom Rush Origins here.

UPDATE: It looks like endless mode has signaled the end of updates for Kingdom Rush and Kingdom Rush: Frontiers. Ironhide Games Studio have announced a third game is coming in the fall. Here's the first teaser image:

Kingdom Rush 3

Kingdom Rush Endless Challenge Trailer

Ironhide Game Studio released a new teaser trailer for Kingdom Rush and Kingdom Rush Frontiers. The video shows the new endless challenge modes coming to both games. The Frontiers' level seems to have an Egyptian theme. You can see the bottom of a pyramid and Anubis-like bosses in some of the gameplay clips. It is also nice to know that Ironhide Game Studio took the time to add new enemies instead of just recycling the old ones. This is what makes Kingdom Rush and Frontiers two of the best tower defense games ever released.

It is still unknown if this will be the last update for the franchise. Developers typically only release an endless mode when they are finished with a game. This isn't necessarily a bad thing because the ending of Frontiers does hint at a possible third game. It is also hard to imagine that Ironhide will abandoned the popular franchise since they have been adding fresh content since Kingdom Rush was originally released in 2011.

Kingdom Rush and Frontiers Endless Modes Coming Soon

After updating the Steam version of Kingdom Rush with The Curse of Castle Blackburn campaign, Ironhide Game Studio announced both Kingdom Rush and its sequel Kingdom Rush: Frontiers will be getting "Endless Modes". It has been over seven months since the last update was rolled out to Frontiers.

Kingdom Rush Endless Mode

While this is good news, "endless modes" are normally the last and final update developers add to their games. However, Ironhide has been supplying Kingdom Rush fans with new content since it was originally released in 2011, so it is hard to believe this is the end of the franchise.

How do I unlock the You've Found Me achievement on Kingdom Rush: Frontiers?

UPDATE: Found him! Thanks to everyone who commented and help me solve this achievement. To find the "hidden mortal reptilian combatant" tap the door in the cavern on the Darklight Depths map. Reptile will then appear in the top right hand corner of the screen near the pause button. He is hard to see like the 3 Predators you had to find to unlock the "Ugly $%@#" achievement, but trust me he's there. Tap him before he scales the wall and you will unlock the "You've Found Me" achievement.


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