New Kingdom Rush Origins Campaign Announced for February 25th

A new Kingdom Rush Origins campaign called "Hulking Rage" will be available on Feb. 25th. The campaign will feature the Ogre forces of Gram the Beheader and two new heroes. Here's the announcement Ironhide Game Studio posted to its Facebook page:

Are you ready to face the magical Ogre forces of Gram the Beheader?

We hope so! Hulking Rage is the new Kingdom Rush Origins campaign that will pit you against all sort of nasty, big, fearsome enemies. Also, two new Heroes (a free one and a premium one).

For the Kingdom!

Kingdom Rush Origins: Hulking Rage
Kingdom Rush fans recently voted on what the new hero in the series would be. The four step process allowed players to decide on different aspects of the hero like race and sex. The final vote resulted in a Fallen Angel, who should be one of the two new heroes to appear in the next update. It is unknown if the fan voted hero will be the free or paid option.

UPDATE: The fan voted hero will not appear in the game until June.

The Hulking Rage campaign follows the Valor's Rest campaign which was released in December.

Kingdom Rush Origins is available on the App Store for $2.99. You can also visit our Kingdom Rush Origins achievements page for a complete walk through of the game.