Kingdom Rush Origins Teaser Trailer

Ironhide Game Studio has released the first teaser trailer for Kingdom Rush Origins -- the prequel to Kingdom Rush and Kingdom Rush Frontiers. The video doesn't reveal anything about the gameplay of Origins, but it does promise it is "coming soon"!

Kingdom Rush is a popular franchise of tower defense games set in medieval times. The first title was released as a free flash game on July 28, 2011 before being ported to iOS and Android devices. The sequel, Kingdom Rush Frontiers, was released to iOS devices on June 6, 2013. Ironhide has released several free updates for both games, including a Halloween-themed level, before capping them off with an Endless Mode on July 31, 2014.

In both games players must use a combination of towers, magical spells and heroes to defeat various armies of goblins, demons and other creatures. The Kingdom Rush titles are known for their involved gameplay, fun Easter eggs / achievements and other small touches that make them two of the best tower defense games ever released to mobile devices.

Both Kingdom Rush and Kingdom Rush Frontiers are available on the Apple App Store starting at $0.99.