Iron Marines now available on the App Store

Iron Marines

While most Apple fans were busy complaining about the iPhone X notch, developer Ironhide launched its long awaited real time strategy game Iron Marines to the App Store. Ironhide is the studio behind the popular tower defense series Kingdom Rush. Iron Marines moves the action from a medieval fantasy world filled with elven warriors and legendary monsters to outer space.

Iron Marines is like Kingdom Rush on steroids. It is jammed packed with Ironhide's trademark humor, pop culture Easter eggs, achievements and upgrades. In the game you command various troops against killer robots and monsters as you complete 14 missions across two different worlds. Each campaign mission features a different objective like rescuing civilians or hacking a super computer. The variety of objectives forces you to change your strategy mission to mission. You will also need to use a variety of different troops and their unique skills to complete your objective and survive.

The game includes 40 plus upgrades to improve your troops, 9 heroes (some available as IAPs), 50 plus achievements, 8 special weapons and 10 Special Operations for you to complete. It also includes 3 different game modes and the ability to unlock the Impossible Mode.

Iron Marines is available now for $4.99 on the Apple App Store. You can read our early review of the game here.