Iron Marines

Iron Marines updated with new frozen missions, heroes and enemies


The real-time strategy game Iron Marines has been updated with a new frozen world filled with a new race of enemies for the Iron Marines to obliterate. The ice planet Borealis update includes 10 new challenging missions, an all-new boss fight, and 3 premium heroes. The new heroes include:

Iron Marines update coming in November


Ironhide Game Studio has big plans for its recently released real-time strategy game Iron Marines. The developers plan on keeping players interested by releasing mini-missions while a bigger update is in the works, according to Touch Arcade. The first smaller update will hit devices on November 9th. It will include a two stage special ops mission, a new Sagan-1 story, a new Ascendaar story featuring Rob070, and two new premium bosses, Guiying and Trabuco.

Iron Marines now available on the App Store

Iron Marines

While most Apple fans were busy complaining about the iPhone X notch, developer Ironhide launched its long awaited real time strategy game Iron Marines to the App Store. Ironhide is the studio behind the popular tower defense series Kingdom Rush. Iron Marines moves the action from a medieval fantasy world filled with elven warriors and legendary monsters to outer space.

How do I complete the "Beam me Up, Scotty!" achievement in Iron Marines?

There are 5 Star Trek captains hidden across Sagan- 1 (World 1) in Iron Marines. You must locate each one and tap them to teleport them back to their ship. You will unlock the "Beam me Up, Scotty!" achievement once you locate and teleport all 5 captains.

Captain 1 - Mission 3 (Bottom left hand near the first Refinery)

Iron Marines Captain 1


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