Iron Marines

How do I defeat Mr. Rob070 in Iron Marines?

The first two stages of the Mr. Robo070 are relatively easy. It's important to build up your Refinery defenses during these stages, because if you lose both the game will quickly be over. I found that using a combination of Diplomats, Channelers and Rangers/Snipers to attack Rob070 works best. Diplomats protect your hero and soldiers from the laser fire and Channelers seem to do the most damage to Rob070. Snipers are good because you can quickly turn their fire towards any robots attacking your Refinery if you find it being overwhelmed.

iOS Game Review: Iron Marines

Iron Marines

Developer Ironhide Games set the bar so high with the tower defense game Kingdom Rush that they have never been able to top it. This doesn't mean that the sequel Kingdom Rush Frontiers and prequel Kingdom Rush Origins aren't great, they just never had a chance. The same goes for Ironhide's new sci-fi title Iron Marines. While a decent title that I highly recommend, Kingdom Rush still stands as one of the best tower defense games ever created.

Kingdom Rush developer announces Iron Marines release date

Iron Marines

It is no secret that we consider the Kingdom Rush series to be one of the best TD trilogies available for mobile devices. That's why we were very excited to hear that the game's developer, Ironhide Game Studio, has officially announced a release date for its latest title, Iron Marines.


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