Ironhide announces Kingdom Rush 4

Kingdom Rush 4

Ironhide Game Studio announced on Facebook that production has begun on Kingdom Rush 4. No specific details were released about the new tower defense title, but the announcement did calm fears that Ironhide has abandoned the series to work on other projects. After releasing one sequel and a prequel, Kingdom Rush has been put on the back burner so Ironhide could concentrate on its new game called Iron Marines.

Although it has been in production for almost a year, little is known about Iron Marines. What we do know that it is a real-time strategy game with a Sci-Fi setting, and that it is coming to both iOS and Android first, followed by Windows, Linux and Mac releases.

Ironhide also announced on Thursday that they have released the final update for Kingdom Rush Frontiers on Steam, and that they are working on a "Mystery Project X".

Kingdom Rush and its sequels are popular tower defense titles set in a fantasy medieval world. The original title is available for free on the App Store, and the sequels Kingdom Rush Frontiers and Kingdom Rush Origins, are available for $1.99 and $2.99, respectively. There are also "HD" versions available for the iPad, and a free Kingdom Rush comic book available on the App Store.

It will probably be another year before we see the fourth Kingdom Rush title, so new players have plenty of time to catch up on the series.