Kingdom Rush and Frontiers Endless Modes Coming Soon

After updating the Steam version of Kingdom Rush with The Curse of Castle Blackburn campaign, Ironhide Game Studio announced both Kingdom Rush and its sequel Kingdom Rush: Frontiers will be getting "Endless Modes". It has been over seven months since the last update was rolled out to Frontiers.

Kingdom Rush Endless Mode

While this is good news, "endless modes" are normally the last and final update developers add to their games. However, Ironhide has been supplying Kingdom Rush fans with new content since it was originally released in 2011, so it is hard to believe this is the end of the franchise.

Kingdom Rush and Frontiers are popular tower defense games set in Medieval times. The original was released as a free broweser game before being ported to iOS, Android and Steam. Kingdom Rush: Frontiers was originally released for iOS in 2013 before being released to Android and Flash.

Kingdom Rush is available on the App Store for $0.99, and Frontiers is available for $2.99. Both games support all devices running iOS 4.3 or later.