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Kingdom Rush and Frontiers Endless Modes Coming Soon

After updating the Steam version of Kingdom Rush with The Curse of Castle Blackburn campaign, Ironhide Game Studio announced both Kingdom Rush and its sequel Kingdom Rush: Frontiers will be getting "Endless Modes". It has been over seven months since the last update was rolled out to Frontiers.

Kingdom Rush Endless Mode

While this is good news, "endless modes" are normally the last and final update developers add to their games. However, Ironhide has been supplying Kingdom Rush fans with new content since it was originally released in 2011, so it is hard to believe this is the end of the franchise.

Toy Rush and Anno Announced for iOS Devices

Uber Entertainment (Super Monday Night Combat) in partnership with Tilting Point has announced that Toy Rush will be available for iOS devices on May 15th. The new title mixes the popular tower defense and collectible card game genres. In the game, players can attack their opponent with powerful toys like flying unicorns while defending their base with marble shooters and other weird towers. The game will feature over 50 levels and the ability to customize your base and defenses by earning and opening new card packs. Pricing is unknown at this time.

Toy Rush

Ubisoft announced on Tuesday that it is bringing the 1998 PC game Anno to the iPad. Anno is a resource management title where players must build their empire from the ground up. Users can build specific buildings, such as houses and taverns, to keep their citizens happy and healthy. The iPad version is being rebuilt for mobile devices and will be officially called Anno: Build an Empire.

iOS App of the Week: OMG: TD!

OMG: TD! looks a lot like one of those games you see on your Facebook feed or advertised on another game. The type of game you download only to find out it is virtually unplayable because of in-app purchases, or that you have to wait 24 hours to build one item, but it's actually a fun tower defense title with plenty of replay value.


The game's turrets are all modeled after Greek gods like Zeus and Ares, and the object is to stop waves of Titans and their armies from destroying your temple. Currently (Version 1.0.4) there are 20 levels and six bonus levels. Each level has a Normal mode, Challenge mode and Frenzy mode giving you plenty of different scenarios to complete. The game also includes heroes (1 free and 5 available as IAPs), four special abilities and nine gods to use as your defense. Each of the heroes and gods can also be upgraded with souls you collect from your fallen enemies, and each features their own special abilities and strengths.

iOS Game Review: Castle Doombad [adult swim]

Castle Doombad takes place in Dr. Lord Evilstein's castle after he has kidnapped a princess. Players must act as Evilstein's "minion" and defend his evil lair from the various heroes trying to break in and save her. The game is a fast-paced tower defense title where players must drag and drop various traps, and deploy evil creatures to destroy knights, ninjas and other enemies of Evilstein.

Castle Doombad

There are 3 chapters in the game and each chapter features 12 levels and 3 master stages. The goal of each level is to stop the multiple waves of heroes from leaving the castle with your princess. You do this by capturing screams from a Scream Generator to buy various cartoon traps and obstacles, like an "Overactive A/C," to defend your evil lair. You also have three special powers and various minions you can use to fight off your enemies. There are 14 Auto Traps, 5 Manual Traps and 4 Minions to unlock and choose from. Money can also be earned to upgrade each trap and minion as you advance in the game.

First Look at Kingdom Rush Frontiers: Shadowmoon Campaign

Irohnhide Game Studio released the first trailer for Kingdom Rush Frontiers: Shadowmoon. The YouTube video reveals two new heroes, Dante and Bonehart.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers: Shadowmoon Campaign

Dante is a hunter of the undead and is equipped with a Holy Grenade, Relic of Power and Silver Bullets. Bonehart is a new skeleton dragon who can summon Bone Golems. The trailers also gives a sneak peek of the new levels and some new enemies like zombies, ghost, werewolves, bats and the Headless Horseman.


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