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PopCap Announces Plants vs. Zombies Sequel Coming This Summer

PopCap, a division of Electronic Arts Inc, has rolled out the first of many planned sequels to Plants vs. Zombies as a closed beta on Facebook. Plants vs. Zombies Adventures is a social media game where players can interact online while thwarting the zombie invasion. PopCap will officially roll out PvZ Adventures to the general public this spring, before releasing Zombie vs. Plants 2 this summer.

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Curt Bererton, head of PopCap’s San Francisco studio, promises Plants vs. Zombies Adventures will feature plenty of new plants and zombies, along with old favorites.

“The [game] features all-new forms of zombie combat that will open PvZ to a whole new world, explained Bereton. "We like to think we’re creating a brand new twist on the classic Plants vs. Zombies that is the most social, shareable and expansive Plants vs. Zombies experience ever.”

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers Teaser Trailer

Ironhide Game Studio has released the first teaser trailer for Kingdom Rush: Frontiers. The game is a sequel the popular tower defense game Kingdom Rush. The trailer doesn't reveal much, but it does show all the original turrets (Mage, Archers, Barracks, and Artillery) from the first game. Ironhide said the "bigger, meaner and better" sequel will be released this fall.

In the original game players use a combination of towers, magic and upgrades to fend off armies of goblins, trolls and other monsters. The game is set set in Medieval times, and is considered one of the best TD games released for iOS and Android devices. You can download the original iPhone version for $0.99, or the HD iPad version for $2.99.

Bigger and Badder Kingdom Rush Sequel Announced

Ironhide studios has announced the long awaited follow up to the popular tower defense game Kingdom Rush. The untitled "bigger, meaner and better" sequel is set to be released this spring. The message on the official blog reads:

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Cities tremble in fear... armies gather for battle... reinforcements cry for freedom... a new adventure is coming!!! It´s a new world... a new threat... a new journey into the unknown!!!

Bigger, meaner and better; a new Kingdom Rush game is coming...

Prepare yourselves!!!

The announcement is followed by a link for die hard KR fans to download the HD wallpaper pictured above.

Goal Defense and The Creeps: Two Free Great Tower Defense Games for the iPhone and iPad

I still believe Pirate Defense is one of the greatest Tower Defense games ever created, but it's not available for iOS devices. That makes Kingdom Rush my favorite iPhone/iPad Tower Defense game by default. However, if you have already taken my advice and played both Pirate Defense and Kingdom Rush, and are looking for something new to play, here are two great TD games you might have missed.

The Creeps (Free w/ option to buy more levels)

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The Creeps is one of the most popular TD games with over three million downloads. If you're new to the world of TD games and have never given The Creeps a chance, stop what you are doing and download it immediately! You won't be disappointed.

In The Creeps, players must defend their bedroom from the monsters in their closet by using various weapons such as glue bottles and flashlights. The game features Game Center support, over 60 achievements and 25 free levels with the option to purchase more. If you do get addicted, and you will, I suggest buying the All Access Pass, which unlocks everything for $5.99.

Kingdom Rush for the iPhone is Free for a Limited Time! [Tower Defense]

Kingdom Rush is free to download for one week starting today, September 19. This is one of the best tower defense games ever made, and I can't recommend it highly enough! In Kingdom Rush you must use 8 specialized towers with 18 tower abilities to defeat over 45 different enemies on many different levels. The fun achievements, challenging levels and extra game modes make this one of the most addicting action fantasy defense games I have ever played!

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Unlike other tower defense games, Kingdom Rush requires much more strategy than placing turrets and upgrading them. You must select the best combination of units and special abilities that will give you the greatest chance of defeating the many different enemies and their special powers. Kingdom Rush also requires good timing, and allows you to interact with your environment. It is one of the few games where you will want to conquer every level of difficulty and finish every achievement. Not only is the game fun and challenging, but the graphics are great, the sound effects are fun, and it offers repeat playability.


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