Castle Doombad

Adult Swim's Castle Doombad updated with all new levels and traps

Castle Doombad Space Madness

Dr. Lord Evilstein is back and he has moved his evil lair to the moon in Castle Doombad version 2.0. Adult Swim has updated its popular tower defense game with an all new "Space Madness" chapter. The update adds 15 new levels, 4 new traps, a save option in Endless Mode and iCloud support.

iOS App of the Week: Castle Doombad: Free to Slay

Adult Swim has made many popular games like Robot Unicorn Attack and Five Minutes to Kill Yourself, but their best game released this year has to be Castle Doombad. The reverse tower defense game is absolutely worth $2.99, but now anyone can download it for free thanks to the newly released Castle Doombad: Free to Slay edition.

Castle Doombad: Free to Slay

The Free to Slay edition is the same as the premium edition except it is supported by ads and has in-app purchases such as Doom Shekel packs. In the game, you must stop various heroes from rescuing the princess from your evil lair. You do this by equipping your castle with traps like floor spikes and even "overactive air conditioners". You also have a small army of cute minions at your disposal to help defend your castle.

Castle Doombad: Free to Slay Coming to the App Store

One of the best iOS games of the year is getting released again as a free edition. Adult Swim's Castle Doombad: Free to Slay will be available on the App Store tonight, according to Touch Arcade. The new version will feature all the same trap setting antics as the original, with only a few minor tweaks. The free version of the app will be ad supported and it will feature a few optional in-app purchases such as Doom Shekel packs. Users will also have the option to watch videos to earn additional in-game currency.

Castle Doombad: Free to Slay

In Castle Doombad, players assume the role of Dr. Lord Evilstein, who has recently kidnapped a princess. Players must use various traps and call on their minions to stop the knights, bounty hunters and other heroes from saving her. The game is described as a "reverse spin on tower defense". The game features three different chapters (four if the new Slaycation levels are included), over 45 levels, great cartoon graphics, fun characters and an endless mode.

Adult Swim's Castle Doombad Updated With 15 New Slaycation Levels

Adult Swim has released version 1.1 of its popular game Castle Doombad. The update adds 15 new "slaycation" levels, new traps and minions. The new traps include the Iron Maiden and a new manual trap called the Giant Boulder of Death. The new minion is a "spark" minion who zips along the castle walls and zaps heroes. The slaycation levels also up the ante by adding a second Beach Princess for players to protect, and introduce the new Hasselhoff Lifeguard and Galaxy Soldier heroes.

Adult Swim Castle Doombad

Castle Doombad is one of the best games released for mobile devices this year. Players must help Dr. Lord Evilstein fend off various heroes who are trying to invade his castle and steal back the princess he has kidnapped. Players can use a variety of automated traps, manual traps and little creatures to defend Evilstein's castle.

iOS Game Review: Castle Doombad [adult swim]

Castle Doombad takes place in Dr. Lord Evilstein's castle after he has kidnapped a princess. Players must act as Evilstein's "minion" and defend his evil lair from the various heroes trying to break in and save her. The game is a fast-paced tower defense title where players must drag and drop various traps, and deploy evil creatures to destroy knights, ninjas and other enemies of Evilstein.

Castle Doombad

There are 3 chapters in the game and each chapter features 12 levels and 3 master stages. The goal of each level is to stop the multiple waves of heroes from leaving the castle with your princess. You do this by capturing screams from a Scream Generator to buy various cartoon traps and obstacles, like an "Overactive A/C," to defend your evil lair. You also have three special powers and various minions you can use to fight off your enemies. There are 14 Auto Traps, 5 Manual Traps and 4 Minions to unlock and choose from. Money can also be earned to upgrade each trap and minion as you advance in the game.

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