Toy Rush

iOS App of the Week: Toy Rush

Uber Entertainment and Tilting Point's Toy Rush is now available on the App Store. Toy Rush is not only a tower defense game, but it has a building management element and it features a collectible card twist. The goal of the game is to build an army of toys to attack other players and defend your home. Players gain more toys by attacking enemies and earning tickets or caps (premium cash) to spend on card packs. Each card pack includes random toy soldiers for your army, defense towers and decorative items to spruce up your home base.

Toy Rush

Like any free-to-play building game Toy Rush does feature timers, but they do not bog down the game since there is so much to do. Actually, there are so many elements to the game that it can be kind of overwhelming at times. But don't worry, the game is really easy to get the hang of and is a lot of fun to play. The in-game currency is also easy to earn making the game playable without spending real money on in-app purchases.

Toy Rush and Anno Announced for iOS Devices

Uber Entertainment (Super Monday Night Combat) in partnership with Tilting Point has announced that Toy Rush will be available for iOS devices on May 15th. The new title mixes the popular tower defense and collectible card game genres. In the game, players can attack their opponent with powerful toys like flying unicorns while defending their base with marble shooters and other weird towers. The game will feature over 50 levels and the ability to customize your base and defenses by earning and opening new card packs. Pricing is unknown at this time.

Toy Rush

Ubisoft announced on Tuesday that it is bringing the 1998 PC game Anno to the iPad. Anno is a resource management title where players must build their empire from the ground up. Users can build specific buildings, such as houses and taverns, to keep their citizens happy and healthy. The iPad version is being rebuilt for mobile devices and will be officially called Anno: Build an Empire.

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