Kingdom Rush Vengeance Coming Soon

Ironhide Game Studio has announced that Kingdom Rush Vengeance is coming soon to the App Store and Google Play. Vez'nan has returned and he is recruiting people to join his army. Fans can follow him on Twitter, and sign up to receive updates and other "cool stuff."

The fourth game in the popular tower defense series will feature different modes, lots of new heroes, and a new mechanic for players to choose. Release date and price is unknown at this time.

Kingdom Rush is a tower defense series set in a medieval fantasy world. Players must use different types of towers, heroes and other spells to stop hordes of creatures from advancing to their kingdom. The series is known for its fun gameplay, Easter eggs, art and more. Ironhide has released three Kingdom Rush titles to various platforms. All three games are available on the App Store. The originally trilogy includes Kingdom Rush (Free), Kingdom Rush Frontiers ($.99) and a prequel Kingdom Rush Origins ($2.99).

Ironhide took a took a break from the Kingdom Rush series last year to release their first RTS title called Iron Marines. The Iron Marines series takes place in space. Players can recruit and train the greatest heroes in the galaxy to take on aliens, robots and other monsters.

Iron Marines is available on the App Store for $4.99.