Kingdom Rush Origins Release Date Announced

Ironhide Game Studio announced today that Kingdom Rush Origins will be released to the Apple App Store, Amazon App Store and Google Play on November 20, 2014. No Steam or flash browser versions were mentioned in the official trailer or Facebook post announcing the game.

Kingdom Rush Origins

The game's official description reads: "Submerge into the world of Kingdom Rush and experience an epic saga as you unveil the story that started it all! Lead your elven army to defend mystical lands from sea serpents, gnoll tribes, enchanted creatures and twilight elves. Command an arsenal of unique towers, epic heroes and mighty powers that will help you crush your foes and save the world once again!"

The trailer, posted below, shows the same basic tower defense gameplay as the original two releases, but with newly designed towers, heroes and enemies. You can see what looks like one or two of the new heroes in action starting around the 0:55 mark. Irohndie also previously posted an image of three of the game's heroes to its Facebook page. The three heroes include Xin a panda, Prince Denas and the mysterious looking Vez'Nan.

Origins is a prequel to the popular Kingdom Rush and Kingdom Rush Frontiers medieval tower defense games. Pricing for Origins was not announced but the game normally cost around $3.