Kingdom Rush: Frontiers

Kingdom Rush 1 and 2 Holiday Updates Now Available

Both the original Kingdom Rush and its sequel Kingdom Rush Frontiers have received free holiday updates from Ironhide Game Studio.

Kingdom Rush has been updated with a new mission, where players must help the elves defeat a new evil that has risen from the depths of the Rotten Forest. The update includes the new free stage The Fungal Forest, a new boss fight against Myconid and his Rothshrooms, a new hero named The Mighty Thor and new achievements and Easter eggs!

Kingdom Rush Frontiers Holiday Update

In Frontiers, the Saurians are back, and they're seeking revenge right before the holidays! The update brings the new free level The Darklight Depths, a new boss fight with King Xyzzy and his Saurian Deathcoils, a new FREE hero named Bruxa aka "the voodoo priest, master of black magic," and a new $4.99 hero Khaz the Minotaur Warlord.

First Look at Kingdom Rush Frontiers: Shadowmoon Campaign

Irohnhide Game Studio released the first trailer for Kingdom Rush Frontiers: Shadowmoon. The YouTube video reveals two new heroes, Dante and Bonehart.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers: Shadowmoon Campaign

Dante is a hunter of the undead and is equipped with a Holy Grenade, Relic of Power and Silver Bullets. Bonehart is a new skeleton dragon who can summon Bone Golems. The trailers also gives a sneak peek of the new levels and some new enemies like zombies, ghost, werewolves, bats and the Headless Horseman.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers Halloween Update Coming Soon

Ironhide Game Studio posted a teaser this afternoon for its upcoming Kingdom Rush Frontiers Halloween campaign on its Facebook page. The post was tagged with the hashtag #ShadowmoonCampaign. The announcement came a few weeks after Ironhide finally released the popular Tower Defense game to Google Play for Android users.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers Halloween

The last Kingdom Rush campaign Rising Tides brought three new levels, six new enemies, a new boss and five new achievements. Ironhide did not give specifics about the upcoming update, but they did post a message that suggested it will have something to with the undead.

An endless night is upon us! The dead rise from their graves and mindless horrors prowl the land! Something dark has awoken, something to fear... Welcome to the #ShadowmoonCampaign!

The Shadowmoon campaign will be available on October 31, 2013.

What's Better: Kingdom Rush 2 or Plants vs. Zombies 2?

Over the last few years Tower Defense games have become watered down and uninspired. The genre has fallen victim to copycat developers who spend more time coming up with goofy concepts rather than tapping the format’s potential to create new, fun and challenging games. However, there have been two diamonds in the rough for Tower Defense fans: Kingdom Rush and Plants vs. Zombies. Both started as free flash games, and both have found well deserved success on iOS and Android devices, making them two of the most popular current Tower Defense games available today.

Kingdom Rush vs. Plants Vs. Zombies

In 2013, Ironhide Studios released the long awaited sequel to Kingdom Rush, and PopCap (now owned by EA) released Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time. Both games quickly rose to the top of the App Store Charts soon after their release, and both were well received by fans and critics. But which game is the best Tower Defense game currently available for iOS devices?

Kingdom Rush: Rising Tides Update Now Available

Kingdom Rush: Frontiers version 1.2 is now available. The update brings the Rising Tides campaign, which includes three new levels, six new enemies, a new boss called Leviathan, five new achievements and new Easter eggs. The update is free for users who already own the game. Others can download it now from the App Store for $2.99. Version 1.2 also adds two new heroes Kutsao and Karkinos, who can be unlocked as in-app purchases for $4.99.

Kingdom Rush Rising Tides

In Rising Tides, you must take your army to investigate the mysterious disappearances of ships and people in the waters near Port Tortuga. You will have to defeat an army of evil sea creatures to advance to the final stage to challenge the boss Leviathan. Your army is aided by bomb dropping parrots, and new "Boatswain" guards along the way.


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