What is the price of the 3G iPhone?

What is the price of the 3G iPhone?

The new 3G iPhone is being offered at a much lower price compared to not only the initial price of the first iPhone, but even compared to the last known prices of the first iPhone.

The iPhone 3G 8GB model will be sold for $199.

The iPhone 3G 16GB model will be sold for $299.


Now, are those the prices for the iPhone, with or without the contract? Did the original even call for a contract?

How do I buy an iPhone?

In the USA prices are $400 for the 8GB and $500 for 16GB unless your 2 year AT&T contract has been fulfilled.

I got a new phone about a year ago so basically the AT&T store said no I don't want your money today.

Att and apple web site same thing via phone both companies said you can only buy an iPhone from a store...


Guess I will investigate the used market