Apple Music added to T-Mobile Music Freedom

T-Mobile has added Apple Music to its list of music services that can stream for free over the carrier's 4G LTE network. Music Freedom allows Simple Choice customers to enjoy 33 music streaming services without burning through their T-Mobile data plan. The list of supported services include popular music platforms such as Pandora, Spotify, Rdio and more. You can see a complete list of supported services here.

The addition of Apple Music to Music Freedom is only a small part of T-Mobile's #UncarrierAmped or Un-carrier 6.0 campaign. The company announced today that its trade-in program, JUMP! On Demand was also "amped up." T-Mobile customers who purchase an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus at the JUMP! On Demand promotional rate of $15 a month will be able to upgrade to the next-generation iPhone free of charge. Customers who already bought an iPhone 6 for $15 a month are already eligible for the free upgrade.

Here's President and CEO, John Legere's own words describing the new deal:

"Now, every single customer who gets a new iPhone 6 this summer as part of this deal can simply swap it for the next iPhone, if they upgrade before the end of the year. Yeah, that's what I said. Just swap it out and pay NOTHING more—nothing up front and no change to your monthly payment. No deposit. No fees. Nothing. You get the next iPhone guaranteed. And you get to LOCK IN that industry-best promotional price of $15 a month."

You can read more about T-Mobile's Music Freedom and JUMP! On Demand with new iPhone 6 upgrade via the T-Mobile Newsroom or watch Legere explain it in the video posted above.