iPhone 6s camera upgrades come into focus

iPhone 6 time lapse

One of the main highlights of next week's Apple keynote presentation will be the iPhone 6s reveal. The updated device is widely expected to pack major camera enhancements, on both the main iSight shooter and the front-facing FaceTime camera. Some reports have even pegged the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus as having the largest camera upgrades to date. Here's a rundown of the major changes that are likely coming to next generation iPhone cameras:

Main iSight camera

- 12 megapixel stills
- 4K resolution video recording
- New larger Sony CMOS sensor with RGBW subpixel technology
- Updated 5-element lens
- New image signal processor on A9 system chip
- Camera lens bump gone on iPhone 6s models

Sources point to Apple increasing the number of megapixels to 12, which is the first megapixel jump in four years. 4K video recording would make the iPhone 6s one of the only phones on the market to have this capability, while the RGBW subpixels guarantee that low light imaging will improve. Specs sent to case manufacturers, should they prove real, point to the iPhone 6s losing the infamous camera lens bump on the back of the device. However, the iPhone 6s Plus retains the bump in similarly leaked diagrams.

Front FaceTime camera

- 5 megapixel stills
- Panoramic stills
- HD 1080p video
- HD 720p slow motion video recording
- Flash (using white screen to illuminate subject)

Another significant jump in the megapixel department for those who enjoy taking selfies, or otherwise find ways to snap front-facing stills. Interestingly, Apple looks to be including slow motion video capability and panoramic shots to the front iPhone 6s camera as well. Not only this, but the FaceTime camera will record full HD 1080p video. Last but not least, Apple has taken a page from Photo Booth on OS X and will use the iPhone 6s screen as a flash when needed for front-facing photos.

If the above rumors are confirmed next Wednesday, then the iPhone 6s will feature significant camera upgrades. This is not suprising considering Apple's focus on iPhone photography in its advertising campaigns. The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are expected to launch at the Apple press event scheduled for Wednesday, September 9th. The new models will likely be available starting on September 18th.