iPhone 6s leaks show no camera bulge

iPhone 6s camera

Now that components of the iPhone 6s including the A9 processor and Force Touch module are in mass production, Apple has sent CAD design renderings to case manufacturers. As in the past, these renderings have allegedly leaked. This time uSwitch posted the renderings. What's interesting is the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus have one obvious difference.

The iPhone 6s camera appears flush with the rest of the body. This is a departure from the protruding camera on the current model iPhone 6. Renderings of the iPhone 6s Plus show the same camera bulge currently seen on the iPhone 6 Plus. The dimensions of the upcoming iPhone updates may tell the rest of the story.

The iPhone 6s appears to be 7.1 mm thick, which is precisely 0.2 mm thicker than the current model. Not only could this make the iPhone 6s stronger, it provides Apple with more wiggle room to make the camera lens flush with the back side.

On the other hand, the iPhone 6s Plus will total 7.8 mm in thickness, which includes the camera lens. The main body will measure 7.3 mm, leaving 0.5 mm for the camera bulge. The current model iPhone 6s Plus main body is 7.1 mm thick.

Both iPhone 6s models are expected to include Force Touch technology, which may be one reason for the thicker profile. While the iPhone 6s may exploit extra space to lower the camera lens, the iPhone 6s Plus with its optical image stabilization may not be so lucky. Existing cases should continue to fit the newer models, since the difference in thickness between the them is only 0.2 mm on the main body.

According to reports, the iPhone 6s cameras themselves will be updated with 4K video recording capability and increased megapixels.