iPhone Spotted in Public?

apple_iphone_1.jpgOne of the authors at the online blog iThug.com reported today that an individual was spotted using the long awaited iPhone in public. Though rumors have indicated that the iPhone may be available as early as June 11, official indications and rumors about delays have made a late June release more likely for Apple's most awaited product since the iPod.

The lucky iPhone owner was spotted "near Cupertino using [the iPhone] to send SMS messages back and forth with somebody", according to iThug. The author evidently did as much spying as possible, offering details about the device and interface the individual in question was using which suggest the device was indeed an iPhone.

So, what does this mean for the hordes of people awaiting the iPhone? Absolutely nothing, most likely. Especially considering the proximity to Cupertino, CA - Apple's world headquarters - the iPhone user was most likely just an Apple employee testing the device and being somewhat less discreet than one would expect.



Martin - search on this website or click on "FAQ" on the top menu.

The answer to your Europe question is there.

Do somebody knows if i can use the iPhone (Version 1.0) in Europe also? What is the basic charges for AT&T per month? Can i buy the iPhone in usa without domicile in America? Thanks for answer. bye